#SoFreshPortfolio - Give your portfolio a makeover!

Elizabeth Silver is a designer I have admired and followed for some time now. She has a wealth of industry experience, which as a self-taught designer I soak up like a sponge

I first came across Elizabeth through her surface pattern design classes on Skillshare and I've been a fan ever since

Elizabeth recently hosted, very generously, a free 5 day course, call Portfolio Makeover Challenge. I'm not an affiliate in anyway, I just loved this course so much I had to share about my experience of it

Practice Makes Progress

Early work

The first thing Elizabeth had us do was look at early designs that we weren't completely happy with. It can difficult to look back at early work; it makes me want to cringe seeing designs that I was really proud of once upon a time and how bad they are, looking back now with much more experience

How have your skills improved?

Another cringe-fest moment! Luckily Elizabeth provided a number of prompts to help with this question. And as much as I cringe being complementary to myself (us Brits just don't do this) this was such a valuable exercise. Without taking the time to sit back and reflect on my work, it wasn't possible to really see how much I have improved over the past year

Layouts and Colour Palettes

Elizabeth provided lots of fun and inventive tools for updating our chosen patterns. There was such a buzz from all of us in the facebook community, and I genuinely looked forward to what each day would bring

Changing the background colour of this pattern makes such a difference!! Just by making a few simple changes a pattern design can be completely transformed

This pattern has had a major overhaul. I made changes to the colour palette (I don't know what I was thinking in the original one!) With a new layout, and extra motifs it's a completely different pattern

The results speak for itself I think you'll agree!

Incremental progress is still progress

I'm really glad now that I've never thrown any of my early designs away. Since finishing the course I've pulled out quite a few old designs and have given them a refresh- always keeping the originals for comparison. Whenever I have a down day and feel like I'm not getting anywhere with my designs, I can look at these side by side comparisons and know that I'm getting better everyday

It's through the generosity of teachers like Elizabeth that dreamers like me can achieve our creative dreams

I can't recommend Elizabeth's classes enough and I'm forever grateful to her, and other amazing design teachers out there, for sharing their skills and knowledge. This Portfolio Makeover Challenge is over, but sign up for Elizabeth's newsletter in order to stay informed when she runs it again

Go give her some creative love: You can find out more about Elizabeth's classes here and don't forget the check out her awesome blog and YouTube channel. SO much useful information and advice!

Lots of creative love,

Kate xo

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